JenX Journey’s Manifesto 51

So, I’ve been on this planet for longer than a half-century. It will be 51 years in July. And I’ve been working on this personal Manifesto (as I’m calling it) since the beginning of the new year. As you know from earlier posts, I’ve done away with prioritizing goals. Goals didn’t do sh*t for me.Continue reading “JenX Journey’s Manifesto 51”

There Is Absolutely Nothing Special About Today.

Except there is also EVERYTHING special about today. And tomorrow. And the next day. The truth is, every single day we are on planet earth is a gift. I refuse and actually loathe the mentality that one or several bad things that happen equate to a “bad year.” Time is what we make of it.Continue reading “There Is Absolutely Nothing Special About Today.”

Maybe I’m Not Weak…Maybe I’m a F**king Savage

Humor me. I’ve been pondering for the last few years how my thinking has changed from me 7 years ago (and the 20 years prior) to the me of today. People want to know, what flipped the switch? Where was your a-ha moment? Well, after 20-years of struggle, its hard to answer this question. IContinue reading “Maybe I’m Not Weak…Maybe I’m a F**king Savage”

No one ever seemed to want to tell me HOW TO STOP EATING.

Stop telling me what to do, diet people. I am over people shoving Instagram diet rules in my face. Most of you already know how I feel from a previous blog post about the ladies and their Instagram butt-glute pics. Gross. You can only hear “MY way is right” so many times before we areContinue reading “No one ever seemed to want to tell me HOW TO STOP EATING.”

The Unsung Superhero Behind JenX Journey Turns 50 Today!

Did you know? There is a dude behind the JenX Journey. He ended up tagging along for the ride six months after I started and is an unsung hero in my journey. Without him, I am positive I would not be where I am today. Today, he turns 50! Meet Mike P. My hubs. MyContinue reading “The Unsung Superhero Behind JenX Journey Turns 50 Today!”

Food is a Practice: Because Progress is the Hope and Perfection can go to *Bleep!*

I used to think, up until very recently in fact, that if I just lost all my weight, then I could enjoy life like everyone. I would go back to eating pizza, drinking wine. Heck, I’ll carry Doritos and Snickers in my purse and make sure every night ends in an ice cream nightcap. Um,Continue reading “Food is a Practice: Because Progress is the Hope and Perfection can go to *Bleep!*”

JenXJourney: Anti-Influencer

Are you about sick and tired of these fit people saying “Follow me for more tips?” Beautiful people cooking beautiful food, saying how easy it is only to go to the recipe to find (after scrolling endlessly through their stupid stories) you need 8,000 ingredients that require trips to four specialty grocery stores. Then thereContinue reading “JenXJourney: Anti-Influencer”

Fast or Forever? For Weight Loss, What Do YOU Choose?

A Biggest Loser Challenge. The 6-Week Jump Start. New Year, New You Competition at the office. I get that most of these programs are well-meaning and intended to inspire you and put you on a long-term path to something else, but let’s call them what they are. Deprivation for six-weeks to win a title andContinue reading “Fast or Forever? For Weight Loss, What Do YOU Choose?”

From Losing 100 Pounds and a Single Pull Up to 100 PULL UPS

WTF. Its really all I can muster up right now. This whole flipping thing. This whole JenX Journey started as I approached the possibility that I might lose 100 pounds and how I really wanted to do a pull up for the first time in my life. I thought sharing my story would keep meContinue reading “From Losing 100 Pounds and a Single Pull Up to 100 PULL UPS”