One on One Nutrition Coaching

Your journey to healthier and happier.

Tired of the nonstop diet roller coaster? We understand.

We’ve been there and we’re ready to help you with one on one nutrition coaching.

We understand.

After struggling with our weight for almost two decades, we lost a collective 230 pounds.

Now we want to help you.

Diets fail us because they are someone else’s plan of what is good for us. They don’t take in to account our unique needs and obstacles to overcome.

At 51 Bridges, we will guide you in building a personalized food and planning strategy that embraces the challenges of your dieting past. We will lean in where things typically go wrong so we can incorporate the right strategies into your plan.  Instead of handing you a random set of rules, we’ll give you the framework to develop a plan that is uniquely yours and centered around your preferences and needs.

Let us help you build your journey.

Jen & Mike Pendleton

What We Do

The 51 Bridges Program

We’re confronting once and for all where diets typically go wrong, our inability to stick with rigid rules that leave us feeling deprived. 51 Bridges is personalized nutrition coaching centered around finding the right macronutrient balance (protein, fat, carbs) for you and your goals.

You’ll work with a coach who has been in your shoes. While most plans are centered around what you can’t eat or shouldn’t eat, we put you in control of building days with foods you love.

At 51 Bridges, we believe that eating well shouldn’t mean sacrifice. It does take a little bit of work – planning and strategy – along with the right tools and coach, of course.  

We give you a safe space to directly address things like managing triggers, tough times of day, eating out, dealing with donuts in the break room and social situations.

What You’ll Do

  1. Learn to plan, track and execute a great day of eating (one you build yourself).
  2. Learn the significance of weighing and tracking your food.
  3. Fuel your body based on personal preferences! We’ll help you discover what keeps you satisfied, full of energy and consistent. Everyone is different.
  4. Have more control.  You plan what you eat.
  5. While planning and tracking takes effort, you’ll learn about freedom within structure.
  6. Build positive food habits…forever.  The skills you learn will be eye opening and empowering. It will improve your relationship with food for the long haul.  
  7. Experience more enjoyment, not deprivation, when it comes to food so you’ll stick with it.

What Our Clients Say

“The positive reinforcement is a powerful motivator. I was ready to give up, but the accountability is key, now I’m a lifer!”


“Jen’s approach has helped me see that planning is what I need to structure my day to reach my goals, similar to how I plan at work and for my family. I’m down two dress-sizes, but that’s secondary to losing weight, its about feeling well and being excited for the future.”