From Losing 100 Pounds and a Single Pull Up to 100 PULL UPS


Its really all I can muster up right now. This whole flipping thing. This whole JenX Journey started as I approached the possibility that I might lose 100 pounds and how I really wanted to do a pull up for the first time in my life. I thought sharing my story would keep me focused (and you entertained at my shenanigans).

I accomplished both those goals about two years ago. But the JenX Journey continues.

Thursday during the CrossFit workout “Angie” which is 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 air squats. I did 100 kipping pull ups in 12 minutes and 12 seconds.

Again. WTF.

This girl did 100 pull ups.

Who am I?

The most pull ups I had ever done before that in a workout was 76 and I just realized that two weeks ago. I realized after I learned to string a few pull ups together, I hadn’t been counting or tracking my pull up capacity. COVID shut things down and so did our workouts.

We’ve been back in the gym for a few weeks now and this workout seemed like a good time to gage where I was. 100 pull ups? In a row? Surely not.

I tried.

And I did 100 pull ups.

W. The actual. F.

100 pull ups in 12 effing minutes and 12 seconds.

Then, I finished the rest of the workout in 28:14.

Holy $#!t.

I did all the push ups from my knee, but who the f^@K cares.

I also turned 49 years old on Wednesday (yes, I’m legit 49 not fake 49).

I’m still processing. And that is all. Marking here for posterity and my own badassery because hopefully I’ll have something to say about it soon.

The message is to NEVER underestimate ourselves, even when we feel hopeless.

I often think about how I would feel if 265 pound Jen could see me and know that was her destiny. Its almost overwhelming to think about how hopeless I felt to how hopeful I am these days.

I have done this by doing the smallest of things over a period of six years and being 1) ruthlessly consistent and the small things and 2) getting right back up when I fall down.

We have to start at ZERO sometimes and work our way to ONE. And, once we know its possible, we can start to achieve things that once seemed IMPOSSIBLE. And it might take years, but that’s ok. We only have one life, might as well start kicking ass one little teeny tiny thing at a time.

They add up to the big things, like 100 FREAKING pull ups.


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