JenX Journey’s Manifesto 51

So, I’ve been on this planet for longer than a half-century. It will be 51 years in July. And I’ve been working on this personal Manifesto (as I’m calling it) since the beginning of the new year. As you know from earlier posts, I’ve done away with prioritizing goals. Goals didn’t do sh*t for me. They are nothing more than a snapshot in time you may or may not ever realize.

These days, I practice making sure my mind is right (although my brain is legitimately still questionable). And I don’t overextend beyond what I can do in this moment right now. That means making sure that the small things I do every day matter and are leading me where I want to go.

But first, we actually have to crystallize where we’re going. Who we want to be. What we’re doing it all for!? Why do we want to attain or sustain a certain body weight? Can we actually describe what we will be, do or have then that we don’t have right now in this moment? Many of us can’t. I was so busy wishing that I weighed 100+ pounds less, I didn’t really think about what in my life I really wanted to be different. I just knew that I didn’t like myself.

That wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

JXJ in 2014

Do we really think that when we hit a magic number on the scale we’re just all of a sudden going to be happy? Unfortunately, I spent 20-years thinking this was the case.

This manifesto does not outline how I live my life currently. It is simply a proclamation of who I am becoming. And yes, I would be lying if I didn’t say I have goals, but they are not the focus, they are the side note. Simply the outcome of my daily habits. Yes, I want to help more larger-bodied athletes find CrossFit, yes I want to grow my business, yes I want to be a better food coach.

But the fact is, none of those things change until I figure out how to align my every day actions to move me in that direction. I had to identify small things that will get me there. I had to design systems that allow me to have a little time every day to actually DO what I SAY is important (your SAY/DO ratio). So every day I practice doing those things. Sometimes my practice is kick-ass and sometimes I don’t even show up.

The point is that every day, I have this manifesto near. As I drink my Nespresso each morning, I write my focus areas for the day in my bullet journal and remind myself just who the “eff” I am even if I don’t really feel it on the inside, I know it is who I was meant to be.

I can try to look the part, but the real me is the old lady tryna take a selfie. But faking it ’till I make it has worked for me so far!

JenX Journey’s YEAR 51 MANIFESTO

I eat when I’m hungry. Every now and then, I eat purely for pleasure – but not to overfull.

I have no need to overeat anymore since I choose to spend my time:

  • Helping clients build their own journeys
  • Growing my coaching business
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Traveling, hiking, camping
  • Spending time outside
  • Being my authentically flawed self 

Food doesn’t speak to me. It is an inanimate object. I have power over it. It does not have power over me.

No food is off limits. I can eat what I want. When I want. As much as I want. But food does not make uncomfortable feelings go away.  If I want to improve my mood, I’ll go for a walk or take a bath or play with dogs or listen to music or read a book.

The right food gives me energy to do the kick ass things that still surprise me to this day!

I don’t overeat. Don’t need to. I am hungry for what I want to accomplish in my life.

I fearlessly include food that I enjoy, within reason, and cultivate a healthy example of positive and sustainable eating habits for my clients and friends.

I am not a perfect eater and never will be. I don’t aspire to be. I would one day like to be a more intuitive eater. I do aspire to that.

I will overeat from time to time. Those old feelings will rear their head. And when they do, I will respond to myself with compassion and care, not bad self-talk.

I fearlessly push myself toward things and situations that make me uncomfortable because I am committed to growth and understanding what I’m truly capable of.

I call bullshit on myself when I start feeding myself a narrative that isn’t true or is what I want to hear, not what I need to hear.

I don’t wait for change. I am not a victim to circumstances. I recognize it is me and only me that has the ability to make positive changes in the direction I want to go. I choose how I respond to any situation.

I let failure fuel and advise my ambition. NOT crush it.

I recognize that setbacks set me up for a comeback.

I do the things that I say I will do. I will not make promises I cannot keep to myself or others.

My daily choices are made based on the vivid vision I have for myself and how I want to live my life.

I actually kinda like me. Pretty cool.


New phone. Who ‘dis? But wait. That’s me now.

WHAT DOES YOUR MANIFESTO SAY? If you don’t know, you’ll have a hard time figuring out how to align your days and live your life to get there.

You might just shock the hell out of yourself, like I did. Like I have and still do. And somedays, I still can’t believe what I’ve accomplished.

Love you guys.

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