One Hundred Down. One to Go.

One goal is down.

The one hundred goal, that is.

As of the morning of Sunday, April 29, 2018, I officially weigh 100 pounds less than I did in October 2014.

Here’s the thing.

I have no idea what to say.

I’m not processing this.  Sort of.  Not really. Yes. No.  I mean how could I not?  Its not like this just snuck up on me.

I think maybe I even anticipated this when I started this blog.  So maybe tell me what you want to hear?  I’m taking requests for next time. What do you want to see/hear from me?  Why do you think I’m silent all of a sudden?

Until then, here is what I know or can process right now:

  1. I’m not done – I still have more fat to lose, more strength to gain.  How much?  How far?  I don’t know.  Going to listen too my body. My doctor told me I’m in uncharted territory since I was so overweight for so long.  Who knows what my normal weight can and should be?
  2. I still have my pull up goal (which I have been ignoring) but I guess now is the time to refocus!
  3. Stay tuned, I’m going to attempt a workout using 100 pounds, so I’ll be sure you get some “inspirtainment” on that front – HA!
To close, there are some very important people I want to give shout outs too that played pivotal roles in my journey to this milestone.  I did not do this alone by a long shot.  All of these people were likely annoyingly and lovingly persistent, yet patient with me and I am forever grateful.
  • First and foremost, Dr. Christy Kirkendol Watson.  Amazing. Fun. Spunky. Sincere.  She and started me on my path to sustained weight loss.  I am forever grateful.  She snapped me out of whatever eternal fog I was in and gave me the confidence and tools to break through weight loss barriers I couldn’t achieve on my own.
  • The hubster Mike P.  He jumped on the health and fitness ride six months after I started.  He lost a ton of weight himself!  He started CrossFit training with me in 2016 and our lives are better for it.   It became so much easier when he got on the bus with me.  I’m in awe of what he has accomplished as well, particularly in the gym!  We were both pretty tough cases, together we were fast food kryptonite!
  • The Witham YMCA in Lebanon, Indiana.  I don’t have a person to thank, but I trained for my first 5K there – my first fitness goal after six months of solid nutrition and weight loss.
  • April Garner, of CrossFit 180, my first CrossFit coach and bad ass gal that put that first barbell in my hand.  
  • Two other people got me on the CrossFit 180 train. Dr. Christy again, for even uttering the word CrossFit to me – I’ll never forget her telling me “I heard Lebanon has a great box.”  After that, I mentioned it to my friend and colleague Kristi Reynolds, who not only texted April so I had no choice but to show up, but explained how it is scaled for anyone.  (She also sent me my first jump rope after I got my first double under)!!
  • When we moved from Boone County to Parke County in 2016, I found my new CrossFit Coach DJ Elliott.  We now train at Elavus CrossFit in Crawfordsville.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. DJ is an amazing coach and I am so grateful for achieving a strength, empowerment and level of challenge, joy and community that I didn’t even know existed.  Big shout out too to Kendra Smith for training with me errrday – you are my person to chase! You inspire me!  You other Elavus people know who you are and I loves ya too! #fistbump #crossfitfamily
  • Lastly,  Stronger U Nutrition  I mean, what can I say?  When I started training more last summer I had been on a weight loss plateau.  Stronger U has changed all of that and kicked my health and fitness journey in to high gear.  I’ve dropped another 37 pounds in the last 30 weeks.  Mike Doehla, Founder and my Coach Terri Luna have built a nutrition program for me.  They help thousands of people get nutrition right – for them.  I’m at a level I never thought I could achieve and its emotional as heck for me to even verbalize “all the feels” I have for them. 
At the end of the day, I know I did the work, but man, it truly took a village of people to get me here. To empower me.  To educate me.  
These people believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, when I wanted to bury my head in the sand once again, they didn’t let me.  
And now, I won’t let me.  
Don’t worry, more fun to come – still have to get that stupid pull up.

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